Saturday, June 25, 2011

A walk around the neighborhood

Eric had to go to work last night unexpectedly at 10 PM (and ended up sleeping there) so none of us had a great night. He came home early this morning to a beautiful day though, so we all took a nice walk around the neighborhood. The loop is about 3.5 miles and was really very pleasant this morning. Then we stopped to take some photos.
She always has her hands in or at her mouth. Either deep in thought..
Or else we are still dealing with the last 2 year old molars. We see a dentist at the end of July and hopefully this mystery will be solved.


And here is a nice photo of a bench.
And some flowers.

Lovely weekend!


  1. OK, you must share your secret! How in the WORLD did you get her to stand there so sweetly!? Absolutely precious! Her hair is darling too - those curls!! ♥♥ Beautiful pictures!

  2. LOVE the processing on your bench photo! Just beautiful...