Friday, August 19, 2011

Well, hello

So I've taken a few weeks off. We did a little traveling, which was lovely, and now we are back. It's still hot here and, for more fun, outside it's very hazy and smoky due to some swamp fires which are burning in NC. Swamp smoke. Lovely.

But we did venture out into the backyard for a bit and mostly managed to avoid the mosquitos.

 Lovely "housekeh", right? This is a word that spell check does not recognize, possibly because it isn't actually a real word.

 Seems that lately I have many pictures like this:
She tends to turn and run as soon as she sees the camera coming her way. I am running out of creative ways to get her to look at me..

 Everyone loves these curls though. It is probably what she gets complimented on the most. Although I know how difficult they will be for her later. Probably best if she does not live in a humid environment.
 Played a bit of hide-and-seek (she cheats!):
 Ready or not, here I come!!

Also, my photo was featured on Mortal Muses today. Love it when that happens. I am in the "life in black and white" photo pool featured photo as well as in the mosaic on the front page (the Chucks). 

TGIF! Have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. I have to hand it to you... your photography is FABULOUS! They way you capture the essence of your sweet little girl, her eyes are so clear and beautiful... and those CURLS??!! Oh my! Livia was 2 in March, and your little girl looks about the same age. Is she around 2 1/2? What a pair they would be, huh? LOL!

    About the haze in my b&w shot you asked about... I was shooting into the window light which created that hazy effect. I don't shoot in manual; I use either AV or TV mode and then use exposure compensation to over- or under-expose. Probably overexposed that shot by +2/3 or +1... just so Livia wouldn't be so dark. Hope that helps! :-) If you expose for your subject and shoot into window light, you should get that effect.

    Have a wonderful week!